OnePlus – Shahid and Mira Kapoor ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’

The soaring brand OnePlus is shooting a new campaign with the celebrity couple, Shahid and Mira Kapoor. This festive season One plus highlights the family bond with the tagline, ‘Stay Connected, Stay Smarter.’

The Bollywood celebrity pair, Shahid and Mira Kapoor appear to be preparing for tech-savvy theme-based festive occasions with their family.

One plus has launched this brand new ad film where Mira is engrossed in the high-tech digital space with her OnePlus Buds Pro, OnePlus Tv, and OnePlus 10 Pro all in one. The ad begins with Mira waiting for her husband. As Shahid enters to emphasize his delay is worth the wait, he metaphorically accentuates the new One plus launch was worth the wait.

The audience observes the comfort of the digital age Mira is relishing with this new launch of OnePlus. This festive season the family will be entirely encircled by the latest technologies and smart devices.

Mira seems to find everything to the point, “Everything looks perfect, right? “, however, confirming the same with her husband. But Shahid contrasts with his wife, “Something seems off”

In the advertisement, Mira tries to understand Shahid’s perception. She offers digital fireworks, pictures from the last holiday flashing on the television screen. To her disappointment, she doesn’t understand, “what’s off”

And Shahid simply bursts the bubble of doubt, “The T.V.”, that the television should be off. Mira yet again surprises him by smoothly switching off the OnePlus TV U1S with just a voice command and voila, the couple is back at spending their family together!

This is the new theme of OnePlus. Yes, digital is a new era but we must hold on to our traditions, especially during festivals. The Indian spectators will completely relate to the importance of sharing quality time with family members. Festivals are about strengthening bonds and switching off the digital space.

So this new launch of OnePlus is an irony, it brings forth the comfort of high-tech electronics, and at the same time underlines when should we switch it off. An attempt that will surely get to the heart of the customers.

Ishita Grover, Director – of Marketing Communications of OnePlus establishes the broader perception that OnePlus holds towards the community as a brand. It is not a practical hoarder that will attract customers through lavish tactics but rather strategies that will work mutually towards the community and thrive the brand as well.

The line between the stance of family and digital space has been drawn. The technology is highlighted on one hand and the limitation of electronics usage on the other.

Digitalis your home with this brand new extension of OnePlus – OnePlus Buds Pro, OnePlus Tv, and OnePlus 10 Pro. And don’t miss out on quality time with your friends and close ones. This festive season OnePlus inaugurates a new era with a more sensible theme.

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