100 Quotes on Women Empowerment

“Unravel your Identity from a Growing Girl to an Experienced Woman”

100 Quotes on Women Empowerment

“Inhale a soothing breath and feel the inner fire of female passion ignite as you read these women empowerment quotes.”

These quotes are to evoke the strength that lies inside you as a woman, to embrace the pain and feel the smile on your face. From a mother to a beauty, from a tolerator to a fighter, from a bud to a blooming flower, you are everything you want to be! These quotes will motivate you towards the strength that you own as a woman, to accept your identity as a woman of today and unravel your journey in Womanhood with pride. They signify women as symbols of patience and power.

  1. Embrace your vulnerability, and do not vacillate to express your emotions. Every particle of feeling constitutes who you are as a Woman. Encouragement Quotes for Women
  • I may be broken from the inside, scared of the social norms but when I step out there is a Woman who is strong and fierce as ever before. – Strong Woman Quotes
  • Oh, woman, you want to withhold that tear and be all strong with valor but you can cry and feel the sorrow without feeling weak. – You are not weak.
  • From an innocent girl to an educated and empowered woman. – Womanhood Journey Quotes
  • However hard you try to break me, to pull me back, I will march forward, again and again, I will prove myself every time you hit me back. – I will march forward.
  • Before you judge me, see the path of fire I have walked through. – Journey of Womanhood Struggles
  • The woman who needs no Validation but herself is a Woman to look up to. – Women Individuality Quotes
  • Oh Mighty Stress, I bid my farewell. Oh Mighty Stress, I will walk by myself.
  • The world sees the smile while my gashes are locked up underneath. – Inspirational lines for Women
  1. Smile and show the world the strong woman you are and always were. – Strong Woman Quotes
  1. Smile with such an ease that makes them wonder how you are still smiling so gleefully. – Smiling and Glee
  1. I am not the result of what occurred to me but an output of my choices. – A Woman of her Choice
  1. Don’t attempt to save me, Stand alongside me as I succeed in saving myself. – Confident Women Quotes
  1. A Woman who desires respect more than love. – Respectful Women Quotes
  1. I am what I chose to become. I am a woman of my choice. – Choices of a Woman
  1. You feel imprisoned by the world. Let it go. Let go of the imprisonment. – Women Empowerment Quotes
  1. Dance, feel no shame, free yourself and command the world. – Take the Charge
  1. Women know how to shut themselves down and free themselves at the same time. – Versatile Women
  1. A girl with a budding dream grows into a woman with an incessant beam. – I was born as a Girl and I live as a Woman.
  • Will I ever look down? No, never but to adore my heels. – Look Up! Look Up!
  • I am a beauty far from the reach of false attempts. – Strength in Beauty
  • You are Beautiful, You are Strong, and You are a Woman like never before. – New Woman Identity, Woman of Today Quotes
  • You ask me to be shy. No, I am bold and fearless. – Fearless Women Quotes
  • She wears clothes of Strength and jewels of Confidence. – Strong and Confident Women Quotes
  • A woman helps others grow because she has been walked over again and again. – Growth as a Woman
  • A woman feels the pain and brings life to this world. – Childbirth Quotes
  • A resolution to be healthier, calmer, and unstoppable. – Motivational Quotes for Women
  • A woman is constituted of two things, who she is and what she wants to become. – Constitution of Today’s Woman
  • You are magnificent! Have more faith in yourself. – Have more Faith, have more Faith.
  • Strength and confidence are the key characteristics of a Woman. – Strong Characteristics of a Woman
  • Don’t let them suppress you! – Rise and Rule the World!
  • Don’t be a victim, be the Queen of your Life. – Every Woman is a Queen.
  • Don’t bend in with society. Society does not define you. – Don’t Compromise for Society!
  • A strong woman is the epitome of hard work and perseverance. – Hard work and Perseverance Quotes for Women
  • Your beauty cannot be defined in words or characters. – Beauty of a Woman
  • Soft can be strong and strong can be soft. – Strength in Softness
  • You are the reservoir of strength and pool of power. – Strength and Power in Women
  • I am too engrossed in my journey to notice your achievements and failures. – Main Character of your Story
  • You are the fairy of your fairy tale. – Inspirational Quotes for Women
  • Accept the turmoil and release the stress, life is a path, and don’t resist the pain. – Acceptance is the Key
  • Don’t compromise yourself to satisfy others. – Women Individuality is not to be c


  • This is a call to women, don’t feel shy to remove your old skin and wear the new one. – Empower yourself!
  • As a strong woman, take your stand, and don’t let others define you. – You are Strong! Strong Women Quotes
  • They call you a mistake but you are an award to this world. – Take Pride in Womanhood
  • Women can walk on ferns and fire, Women can smile and stay stable at the same time. – Strength in Disguise
  • Hold on to your pain, embrace your scars. – Healing Quotes for Women
  • Spark the light within you. – Feel Good Quotes for Women
  • Unleash the storm that you have always held within yourself.
  • Don’t bind yourself for the fear of security. – Be Boundless!
  • The strength inside you is evoked on the battlefield. – Signifying Strength
  • If you decide on your dream, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. – Motivating towards your Dreams
  • Do you want to be a shining star? Go ahead and be one. – March Ahead!
  • You never know the power you possess until you wage a war with the world. – Acknowledge yourself!
  • You should only compete with yourself. – Keep Growing!
  • Don’t fight with yourself, fight with the world. Accept yourself! – Acceptance Quotes for Women
  • Happiness is not an achievement, it is a manifestation of tiny pockets of joy. – Manifestation of Happiness!
  • A woman is a mysterious ocean with so much depth within herself. – Depth in a Woman
  • She had believed in herself from the beginning till the end. – Belief Quotes for Women
  • You don’t need to feel okay every day, every day is a tide with its ups and downs. Accept your Success and your Failures
  • Never let a man snatch away your glitter. – Take Charge!
  • You are a sparkling star, shining through those dark clouds. – Be the Shinning Star!
  • She wears the crown of womanhood with pride. – Womanhood Pride Quotes
  • Blend in with your wild side, and explore the world with a fun ride. – Unravel your Identity!
  • Turn your past scars into your present achievement. – Learn from your Mistakes
  • Wear lace and frills, wear oversized shirts, you can be anything. Wear your Choice with Pride – Symbolises Pride in Fashion Preference
  • There is no full stop to your success. – Motivational Quotes for Women
  • Having a sympathetic heart is not stupid but sheer goodness. – Women Empowerment Quotes
  • Manifest your success with limitless hard work. – Manifest!
  • A woman knows no boundaries to her becoming. – She is Boundless!
  • Being a woman is an honor, not a disgrace. – Take Honour in your Gender
  • As a mother, you have no limit for the love and care you bestow on your child. – Motivational Quotes for Mothers
  • She was a yellow bud of summer and a flower of the rainbow now. – Beautiful Women Quotes
  • She has walked through the rain and chills of winter. – Quotes describing the Strength of Women
  • Don’t try to confine me with your social rules, I am boundless, I am fearless. – Recognise yourself in every way possible
  • Dear Society, how long will you keep me indoors? I will step out one day. – Break Social Norms!
  • There should be no judgment toward your preference as a woman. – Identity yourself!
  • Light the candle of knowledge, don’t wait for them to acknowledge it. – Candle of Knowledge
  • Hesitation will only make you stagnant, experiment with yourself. – Keep Experimenting!
  • Like Rapunzel, throw your hair out the balcony and unravel the universe. – Fairy Tale Inspiration
  • Stop apologizing for being yourself. – It’s not a mistake to be yourself.
  • Women have compromised enough, it’s time to march forward with feminism. – Feminism Empowerment Quotes
  • I don’t await your permission, I await your support. – Support your Woman
  • Have faith in yourself, have faith in womanhood. – Faith in Womanhood
  • You have been stabbed by the prejudice of this creation, turn your blood into a symbol of patience and power. – Symbolic of Patience and Power
  • It may seem impossible now, but it’ll be a reality one day – Self-belief quote. Self-belief Quotes
  • Be the driver of your actions, don’t let others control you. – Be your own Master
  • Accept the glamor and tragedy of womanhood, it is all yours to experiment with. – Womanhood Quotes
  • Don’t calculate your worth on the grounds of their criteria. – Recognise you Worth Woman
  • The world is your stage, dance, sing and show your art, believe in yourself. – Be creative!
  • Don’t be an option on their menu, create your unique recipe. – Treat yourself better
  • Very few people understand the real persona of Womanhood. – Absolute Persona of Womanhood
  • Feminism is not a fortune, it should be the very basis of life. Feminism is a necessity
  • I am a woman of today, you cannot compel me to be your servant. – Empower yourself!
  • The beauty of a woman is no supremacy but the kindness of her heart is. – Supremacy of Kindness
  • Don’t shed a tear for those who gambled you overnight. – Motivational Quotes for Women
  • My decency is not defined by my wardrobe. – Choice as a Woman
  • My choices – dreams, fashion, and behavior are not yours to dictate.
  • The world may try to shove me into slavery, but I will emerge every time with more glory in me.
  • Women birth mankind, women bring life. – Childbirth Empowering Quotes
  • This century we fight for what was always ours. – Women Empowerment Quotes for this Century

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